October 7th through 13th is fire prevention week. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the dangers associated with fires and to make prevention of these fires and fire preparedness a part of your caregiver approach for your aging parent. Fires can be a very serious danger for your aging parent, and understanding that danger can help both of you to take steps to protect their home, encourage good choices, and be ready to act in the event of a fire.


Some things you should know about the danger of fires include:

  • Each year fire departments throughout the United States respond to more than 1,340,000 fires
  • Nearly 3,400 people die in fires each year in the United States, not including those fighting the fires
  • More than 14,650 people are injured in fires each year in the United States, not including those fighting the fires
  • Elderly adults are at the highest risk of severe injury as a result of fires
  • Elderly adults are more likely than other age groups to die as a result of a fire
  • 81 percent of deaths among non-firefighters are caused by residential fires
  • 73 percent of injuries among non-firefighters are caused by residential fires
  • Cooking is the most common cause of residential fires
  • Cooking is the second-leading cause of fire-related deaths
  • 20 percent of residential fires involve heating equipment
  • 30 percent of residential fires including lighting or other electrical issues


Ensuring your parent’s home is properly equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and taking the time to encourage good choices, can dramatically reduce the risk that your senior will experience a serious injury or death associated with a fire. It is important to talk to them about the risk of fires and to help them understand how they can protect themselves and their home.

You’re aging loved one’s safety is a top priority for you, and starting elderly care for them can be a fantastic way to help protect them. Challenges and limitations associated with getting older can put your senior’s safety at risk, but the customized services of an elderly home care services provider can reduce those risks, and enable your parent to age in place with greater confidence and security. Transportation, physical mobility support, help with making good choices, companionship, and management of issues such as low vision and cognitive functioning decline can all help to enhance your senior’s safety and reduce the risk of injury and other problems for your parent.


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